Are you uncertain about what your personal style really is, and do you long to find it?  Would you like to never make an expensive panic purchase again, and instead learn to create the ultimate wardrobe? Do you want to go from feeling ordinary to feeling extraordinary every day?


Then Tini Owild is here to help. Tini is one of Denmark's most famous stylists, and is specialized in helping people find their personal style. To teach her clients to find their true essence she has developed a unique system based on style archetypes, which is easy to use and understand for all.

Her unique method helps you find your style core, and gives you a solid foundation to develop your full style potential and create a multitude of looks you always feel great in. Thousands of women and men have allready found their personal style through Tini's method.


Tini has over 25 years of experience in helping people find their personal style, and has worked with musicians, MPs and business leaders amongst many others. She is the founder of Denmark's first and only Style Coach Academy, where she educate style coaches in a unique combination of tools from the worlds of styling, coaching and personal development.


Start learning from Tini by downloading her book ‘From OK to Hot’ for free.

*See also Danish website: www.stylewise.dk

"Tini Owilds lectures and styling tips are both very entertaining and relevant to most women. At our ‘Above & Beyond Society’ event Tini inspired over 100 of our members who instently were highly motivated to get home and go through their wardrobes to find their own personal style cores".


Tine Willumsen, CEO at ‘Above & Beyond

Brand Development’

Experienced style coach, Tini Owild invites you on a road trip where the final destination is complete knowledge and satisfaction in who you are, what suits you best and how you can express yourself through your style. Her unique theory of the style core is a powerful key that unlocks the secrets of great style. The point is to connect your personality to your clothes so you feel good and look great too!

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VISIT TINI'S                                BOARDS AND GET INSPIRED!

Tini’s lectures are straightforward, concrete and full of sincerity. She talks about how you build an optimal wardrobe and avoid bad and costly mistakes. 

If you are passionate about people, style and styling this education is just for you. Know, however, that so far this education is only offered in Danish language.

Here's an overview of our workshops. Would you prefer to hold a private workshop only for your employees? No problem we can come to you.