If you are passionate about fashion and styling and you like daily interaction with people maybe this style coaching course is just for you. However, you must know that so far Stylecoach Education is only offered in Danish language.


This unique course is a combination of highlights from my personal master coach training and my invaluable experience as a stylist. As a student of the Academy one is working from the inside out with a 360-degree holistic focus on the whole person - not just the facade. This approach is essential to achieve lasting results and not just a 'quick fix'.




My deepest passion is showing people the way to their full style potential, their inner style DNA and confidence. Today, I no longer offer personal styling advice, but at the same time I know (from the many letters I get) that there is a huge demand for this particular occupation.

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I was a part of a fantastic team. With a handful of amazing women (and one man) I had a blast during Tini’s lectures. I definitely became better in serving customers in my own store. Definitely worth recommending... "

Janne Schandorff, style coach and business owner

“The training gave me a sense of aesthetics and a lot of good tips / ideas. I have found out that in the future I can and will be independent.”

Anne Dorthe Petersen, nurse and style coach

"After the training I sell on average 20 percent more per. customer than I did before - because my approach has changed. I use the knowledge I have learned during lectures with Tini, in daily situations with my clients - and it works! "

Charlotte Fals Lund, shopkeeper and style coach

"I feel better - more confident when I walk down the street. I feel I can achieve my goals with the tools I’ve gotten during the class. So thank you for a good education."

Rikke Jepsen, physiotherapist and style coach